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After i found myself painting literally all my textbooks instead of listening to things i did not care anyway , i got into the artistic precourse in St. Gallen, Switzerland, and after that mastered the old-fashioned profession of the Stone Sculptor at the Bildhauerschule Müllheim.  Because, why not, i am glad to preserve what Michelangelo fought for - which is a truly beautiful and challening art and handcraft - in a world of sacks full of snickers and twix, being cherished as great art (not kidding).

Following, i spent time serving in the civil service, in varying areas as envoirenmental care or social institutions. Meanwhile i worked independently as an artist, started to play aroung with languages, violin, photography, history, philosophy, economics and much more, and traveled to New Zealand and many parts of Europe whenever i could.

As part of my quest for self-development, i slowly gained an affinity to help others in this area, which in March 2015 led to the first raw step: Gentle M Image Consulting. Primarly focused on the mere physical image people are presenting there was a strong lack of style and well put-together appearances in the german speaking countries and generaly all over the World, which i wanted to help negate once and for all, so that many start looking crisp and stylish again.  The project is currently on ice, as i plan on other ideas. Stay tuned!


For my Image Consulting (english version will follow) visit: